Selbstmanagementförderung in der hausärztlichen Versorgung: der Zusammenhang zwischen Veränderungsmotivation, Selbstwirksamkeit und psychischer Belastung vor Beginn der Intervention


Anxiety, depressive and somatoform disorders are highly prevalent in primary care. Managing these disorders is time-consuming and requires strong commitment on behalf of the general practitioners (GPs). Furthermore, the resources for the management of these patients are limited by the increasing workload in primary care practices, especially in the German health care system. In order to address the SMADS-study within psychenet - the Hamburg Network for Mental Health (NCT01726387) implements and evaluates a complex, low-threshold, nurse-led intervention using a goal-oriented set of case management and counseling techniques to promote self-management in these patients. This paper investigates the association of the patients' motivation for change and their perceived self-efficacy, the primary outcome - to get to know whether the intervention will target the appropriate population.

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Titel in ÜbersetzungPromoting Self-Management in Primary Care - the Association of Motivation for Change, Self-Efficacy and Psychological Distress Prior to the Onset of Intervention
StatusVeröffentlicht - 07.2015
PubMed 26135280


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