Running-related injury

  • Tim Hoenig
  • Evan O Nelson
  • Karen L Troy
  • Bernd Wolfarth
  • Bryan C Heiderscheit
  • Karsten Hollander


OBJECTIVE: The University of Wisconsin Running Injury and Recovery Index (UWRI) was developed as an evaluative patient-reported outcome measure of perceived running ability and recovery after running-related injuries. To date, the questionnaire was not translated into German language and studies on its clinical feasibility and validity are sparse.

DESIGN: Prospective cohort study.

SETTING: Outpatient sports medicine clinic.

PARTICIPANTS: The UWRI questionnaire was translated to German language using a state-of-the art back-translation method including three translators and two back-translators. Clinical feasibility and validation were assessed in 14 injured runners.

MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: UWRI total score, running volume.

RESULTS: The translation process was completed without major discrepancies. Feasibility and preliminary evaluation were demonstrated in a cohort of 14 injured runners. The UWRI total score significantly improved throughout 12 weeks of recovering from running-related injuries (p < 0.001). Relative running volume significantly correlated with UWRI score (p < 0.001).

CONCLUSION: The University of Wisconsin Running Injury and Recovery Index was successfully translated into the German language. Its usage may hold promise for better rehabilitation surveillance following running-related injuries.

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