Relapse of a group 4 medulloblastoma after 18 years as proven by histology and DNA methylation profiling


BACKGROUND: Recent studies on medulloblastomas (MB) suggest that a large fraction of tumors appearing as late recurrence turn out to be secondary malignancies, e.g., malignant gliomas, after thorough molecular investigation.

RESULTS: Here, we report of a patient with a group 4 MB that developed a distant recurrence after more than 18 years. The recurrent tumor was confirmed by histology and genome-wide DNA methylation profiling.

CONCLUSION: Our case not only illustrates the potential of very late recurrences after seemingly cured group 4 MB, but also illustrates that detailed molecular analyses are indispensable in patients with a history of a previous malignancy.

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StatusVeröffentlicht - 06.2019
PubMed 30796558