[Psychosocial care of children with a parent having cancer--an appraisal of specific care services in Germany].


Children of a parent having cancer are at greater risk to develop mental health problems. Aim is to investigate specific psychosocial care for children having a parent with cancer, as well as to characterize and assess utilization and needs of affected minor children. Employees of institutions in Germany supplying psychosocial care to families with a parent having cancer were surveyed, using a semi-structured interview (n = 29). Specific psychosocial care for affected children is limited and heterogeneous in Germany. Regarding different distress stages of those families, the situation could be interpreted as eligible. However, this primarily reflects the low quality assurance of care. Results suggest that in addition to preventive care needs of children having a parent with cancer, increased needs exist in specific risk constellations, like in single parent families.

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StatusVeröffentlicht - 2011
pubmed 21969141