Belastungen und Reha-Ziele von Familien in der pädiatrisch-onkologischen Rehabilitation


Burden and Rehabilitation Goals of Families in Pediatric-oncological Rehabilitation Survival rates of childhood cancer patients increased during the past years up to 80 %. Therefore, pediatric oncological rehabilitation is essential for reintegrating children with cancer into normal life. We performed an analysis of the current state in pediatric oncological rehabilitation with regards to the impairments of the participants and results in rehabilitation. Descriptive and content analyses of 422 medical discharge summaries were conducted. 55 % of the pediatric patients are male; the average age is 8.7 years. Children attending rehabilitation program are affected by various functional and psychosocial impairments. We identified global rehabilitation-goals such as integration in peer group and specific goals such as pain relief. According to rehabilitation physicians' opinion most patients achieve their rehabilitation-goals. Accompanying family members report a range of psychosocial burden and diverse concerns for rehabilitation. Medical discharge summaries display the complexity of family-oriented rehabilitation. We conclude that rehabilitation treatment needs to be tailored according to individual burdens and the whole family.

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Titel in ÜbersetzungBurden and Rehabilitation Goals of Families in Pediatric-oncological Rehabilitation
StatusVeröffentlicht - 03.2017
PubMed 28266259