Assessing Competencies of Healthcare Professionals Caring for Parents With Cancer: The Development of an Innovative Assessment Tool


OBJECTIVE: This paper describes the development of an assessment tool capturing competencies of healthcare professionals (HCPs) in caring for cancer patients with minor children.

METHODS: We combined the methods of clinical case vignettes and situational judgement tests (SJTs). Scenarios were created based on literature and interviews with patients, HCPs, and experts. We pretested the instrument by conducting cognitive interviews with n = 6 HCPs, who gave feedback on realism, clarity, and difficulty of the scenarios.

RESULTS: The developed assessment tool measures the following competencies: HCPs' (1) application of knowledge, (2) behavioural responses to clinical scenarios, (3) attitudes regarding the relevance of integrating the parental role in cancer care, and (4) empathic behaviour towards affected parents. Results of the cognitive interviews indicate that the scenarios are perceived as realistic and clear.

CONCLUSIONS: We provide an innovative approach by methodologically combining clinical case vignettes and SJTs. Next, the assessment tool will be applied in the context of a pilot evaluation of a newly developed training for HCPs that aims at enhancing their competencies in caring for cancer patients with minor children.

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StatusVeröffentlicht - 10.2020
PubMed 32779287